Cost of Air Conditioning Repair in Quail Hollow

All Temp Co, Inc. Air Conditioning and Heating serves Quail Hollow, NC, and the surrounding areas. Their highly qualified and skilled technicians can design, install, maintain and repair any type of HVAC system for your home. Houses of any age can have air conditioning installed.

Air conditioning repair costs can be reduced or avoided with regular maintenance of your HVAC system. No matter what the age or type of system the house has, maintenance will help it to run its best. A well-maintained unit needs fewer repairs than one that is not maintained at all. Maintenance contracts with HVAC companies include complete inspections of the evaporator/blower and the condenser units. The technician will tune the units, fill oil and refrigerant tanks if needed and replace any worn parts.

Repairs to leaking, condensing or uninsulated air ducts can be expensive. Moist air seeps into the insulation and surrounding building materials. It provides an environment for mold and fungal growth as well. The rotting wood can attract rodents and termites as well. Having the ducting system inspected and cleaned on an annual basis is one way to have a healthier indoor environment. It is a great way to avoid an expensive air conditioning repair. While this service is not usually part of a routine maintenance contract, it should be considered a necessary part of your HVAC system’s maintenance.

Between service calls, the homeowner can perform maintenance to prevent problems, reduce the energy bill and avoid needing air conditioning repair. Begin with the outside condensing unit. If any aluminum fins are bent, they need to be straightened with a fin comb. These are available online for a nominal cost. The air from the condenser fan needs to flow freely for the best results. Keeping plants and other obstructions away from the unit will prevent damage and debris from building up inside the casing. Ensure the drain line is clear and the water drains at least two feet or more from the house’s foundation. Underground-dwelling termites are attracted to moist soil. If the unit is subjected to the sun’s heat, it should have shade. This allows the motor to operate at a lower temperature; this helps the longevity of the unit.

Inside the house, the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned every month. Allow filters to dry completely before replacing them in the unit. While the filters are out, the unit should be off. This prevents debris from entering the unit and causing damage. Inspect the drain pan and clean out any debris or mold. Pour a cup of bleach into the drain pan and allow the unit to pump it out. Pour another cup of bleach into the drain line itself. If your unit does not have an access port for this task, your HVAC technician can install one for you. The bleach kills any mold, fungus or algae that grows inside the pump or pipes and keeps them from clogging.

All Temp Co, Inc. Air Conditioning and Heating performs installation and air conditioning repair in Quail Hollow, NC. They are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

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