Geothermal Heating Systems in Charlotte, Concord, and throughout North Carolina

Geothermal air conditioning and heating technology offers Concord and the surrounding cities’ residents and businesses a highly effective and energy-efficient method of indoor heating, cooling, and humidity control. All Temp Co., Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating provides trusted installation, service, and maintenance for geothermal heating systems.

About The System

These systems draw upon ground or closed loop water sources to deliver fully renewable heating or cooling energy to the indoor environment, offering a virtually unlimited reservoir of comfort-enhancing power. Geothermal systems are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most energy-efficient heating and cooling technology available today. When properly installed, these underground systems save you money while providing dependable temperature and humidity control in winter and summer. Investing in a new geothermal system also makes you eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit for improvement on certain HVAC equipment as well as up to $8,400 in North Carolina state tax credits.

The Advantages

Geothermal HeatingGeothermal heat pump systems provide a number of advantages that make them a viable choice for many Concord, NC homes and businesses. These advantages include the following:

  • Effective Heating and Cooling: Geothermal systems provide dependable indoor comfort in hot and cold weather, without the temperature fluctuations other types of heating and cooling systems can bring.
  • Energy Efficiency: Because ground and water temperatures are much more constant than air temperatures, geothermal heat pumps offer even greater energy efficiency than air-source heat pumps. When correctly designed and installed, with their indoor components located inside the conditioned portion of the building, geothermal systems are subject to fewer energy losses and are, therefore, much more energy efficient than above-ground systems.
  • Economical Functionality: The EPA considers geothermal technology to be the most economical form of heating and cooling available, partly because the technology does not burn fuel to generate heat but instead uses a moderate amount of electricity to move heat from the ground into the building or from the building to the outdoors.
  • System Versatility: Geothermal systems can be adapted to various uses — from a single system for residential or small commercial heating, cooling and/or water heating to multiple heat pump systems for larger commercial buildings.
  • Ecological Sustainability: Because geothermal energy is renewable, these systems offer a sustainable heating and cooling solution.
  • Environmental Safety: Unlike many other systems, geothermal heating and cooling systems protect the environment from harm.
  • Best Overall Performance: Geothermal systems are widely recognized as providing the best combination of features and benefits of all heating and cooling system types.
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How Much Do Geothermal Heating Systems Cost in Charlotte and The Surrounding Areas?

The cost of these heating systems for homes will depend on the specifications of the system needed to heat your home, as well as installation considerations. To find the cost of a geothermal heating system, obtain a free estimate. Call All Temp Co., Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule your free estimate and learn more about our current specials and Service Finance financing options.