3 Tips to Determine Which Cooling System is Right for You

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Shopping for a new cooling system can be overwhelming. It’s not an inexpensive purchase and many people go 12-20 years without needing to purchase a new system. There are many manufacturers, units, styles, and options.


Here are 3 tips to determine which cooling system is right for you:

  1. Have a load calculation done by a licensed HVAC professional. A load calculation helps you pick the perfect unit for energy efficiency and to maximize the cooling comfort in your home. A load calculation measures how big your home is, how many floors you have, the current cooling system, the type of landscaping blocking the home or windows, and the location of your home in relation to the sun.
  2. Research Energy Star systems. Maximizing efficiency is imperative for a system you’ll be paying for and using for the next 1-2 decades. The extra cost of an energy-efficient unit pays for itself in the first several years.
  3. Speak to a professional. A new cooling system is a major investment, and a professional can help you make the best decision and get the most return on your investment.

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