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Meet Joe Comfort

NAME: Joe Comfort
OCCUPATION: Public Relations Representative
PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: Lush white fur, walks upright, wears signature blue All Temp scarf
HEIGHT: 7'4"
WEIGHT: 900 lbs.
HOBBIES: Helping others stay comfortable, being involved in the community, fishing and long naps
PERSONALITY: Cheerful, playful, outgoing

Get To Know Joe Comfort

Joe, an adventurous young adult, explored the South before settling in North Carolina for its cold winters and great fishing.

When his air conditioning unit broke down, he searched for a company to help him repair it. He scoured the internet looking for an AC company that could assist him in staying as cool as possible, and that’s when he came across All Temp Co., Inc. During the service visit, Joe immediately hit it off with the team and shared his passion for keeping people (and animals) happy and comfortable all year round. As a result, he decided to join the team as our Public Relations Representative.

Instead of receiving a traditional salary, Joe negotiated for a steady payment of fresh fish.

Joe loves helping the team however he can, from moving heavy equipment to cheering up the staff. During breaks, he naps in his custom igloo office, which is kept cool for his comfort.

When Joe is not spending time with the crew, he likes visiting nearby sushi restaurants, fishing at Freedom Park, and taking long naps on his couch at home. Our team ensures that his top-of-the-line heating and cooling equipment is well-maintained to meet his specific comfort requirements.

If you happen to see Joe around town, make sure to say hello! He enjoys making people smile and is always happy to chat about keeping cool.