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Furnace Repair Services

A broken furnace or heater can disrupt your comfort and daily routine. Our team of highly skilled heating technicians is here to help. We have the expertise to service any brand or type of heating equipment, and we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time. Our rapid response team will promptly address your heating issues. Choose All Temp and experience peace of mind with reliable, efficient, and effective heating services.

Why Won’t Your Furnace Turn On?

Ensure the thermostat is set to heating mode and the power switch is on. If it’s still not working, check the breaker box for any shorts. If all else fails, the thermostat itself may be a problem.

If there’s a pilot light, make sure it’s lit and touches the thermocouple. If it’s lit but the burners don’t heat, feel the side of the furnace. If it’s cool, the problem might be the thermostat, gas valve, or control board. Ensure the gas valve is on, and there’s enough fuel.

The condensate reservoir might be full, the pump may be broken, or the drain might be plugged. If it’s unable to be cleared, it’s likely the pump. It could be dirty, which will prevent it from getting enough air, and it’ll shut down.

The inducer motor doesn’t run: The problem could be in the motor or the control board. If the inducer motor is running, check to see that the pilot light tries to ignite. Some use a spark ignition, so you’ll hear a clicking sound.

If the pilot goes out, the pilot assembly or flame sensor might be dirty. See if the hot surface igniter is coming on. If not, the control board may have a problem. Also, check to see if the flue is blocked.

Sometimes, when all else fails, the problem is how the furnace was originally installed.

Quality Heater Repair

If your heating system is not functioning properly, we are here to assist you. A malfunctioning heating system can cause an increase in your energy bills. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the cause of any issue and explain your repair options. If you notice any signs of a defective heating system or if your vents are not emitting hot air, please contact us, and we will work towards restoring your heating system to its optimal working condition.

Schedule Heating Repair Service Today

At All Temp Co., Inc., our commitment to you goes beyond just fixing your heater. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to understand your unique needs and requirements so we can perform repairs that will keep your heater running at peak performance.

We value the trust you place in us and strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. When you choose All Temp Co., Inc., you can rest assured that capable and reliable hands handle your heating needs.

Faulty heating systems may:

Our heating repairs will be done meticulously to ensure results that stand the test of time. We refuse to cut corners with any part of our work.