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A Check list for HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Your home’s HVAC systems work hard throughout the heating and cooling seasons to keep your family comfortable, and they need a little routine maintenance to keep running at peak effectiveness throughout the year. Keep a few things in mind when checking your HVAC equipment to avoid common issues and maximize energy efficiency.

Air Filter Check

Any forced-air system uses an air filter to remove dust and debris from the air it pushes into your home. A clogged or dirty filter can negatively impact indoor air quality, reduce the efficiency of your heating or cooling equipment and lead to significant issues such as freezing. Begin every heating and cooling season with clean filters and be sure to clean or change them frequently throughout the year.

If your equipment uses disposable filters, go to your local factory authorized dealer at the beginning of the season and stock up on replacements designed to fit your machines. If your air filters are reusable, wash them thoroughly with water and allow them to air dry before replacing them in your machines.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Check

Air conditioners and heat pumps use refrigerant chemicals to transfer heat into and out of your home. The refrigerant absorbs heat at the evaporator coil, travels to the condenser coil in gaseous form, releases heat and returns to the evaporator coil in liquid form to repeat the process. Since the heat transfer doesn’t actually use up the chemicals, the refrigerant level should remain constant throughout the season.

Checking the refrigerant level is as simple as locating the gauge on your air conditioner or heat pump and confirming that it is still in the recommended range. If the refrigerant level is below that range, your system needs to be professionally repaired right away.

HVAC Unit Mechanical Check

Although your HVAC machines are stationary appliances, they have plenty of moving components. Take a look at the belts and motors and confirm that they are all running in the right direction. An improperly functioning motor can be a difficult issue to spot because there will be some air flow even if it is running the wrong way, so consult your owner’s manual to confirm the correct direction.

AC System Electrical Check

Improper wiring leading into your HVAC equipment can lead to reduced efficiency as well as dangerous shorts. Fortunately, electrical issues tend to be easy to spot: Just examine the wiring for any visible rust or corrosion. Damaged wires need to be replaced by a professional HVAC repair technician as soon as possible.

If your HVAC maintenance check turns up any significant issues, you will need professional help to correct the problem and get your valuable heater or air conditioner running properly again. At All Temp Co., Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance and repair services throughout the Harrisburg NC area. If you need to schedule a routine service visit or repair appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call.