A/C Problems That May Crop Up and How to Address Them

When you’re having A/C problems, detecting the problem in a timely fashion can save you money and avoid discomfort in your home. Understanding the most common problems that can arise with your air conditioner, as well as how they occur and their solutions, can provide early detection and prompt resolution.

What are the most common A/C problems and their causes?

The four common problems include:

  • Leaky ducts or low airflow: There are a couple of reasons for these problems. Inadequate maintenance of your A/C system, such as not changing air filters regularly, can diminish its airflow. Also, leaky ducts or low airflow can result from improper installation, which makes hiring a professional for an A/C replacement an important factor.
  • Compressor failure: The cause of compressor failure can be wear and tear from turning the system on and off, corrosion of wires, the high-pressure limit switch being tripped or an oversized system that’s worked too hard.
  • Sensor problems: The cause of sensor problems is as simple as the sensor control, which is located behind the control panel near the coil, being knocked out of position.
  • Drainage problems: Clogging of your condensate drain can cause drainage problems. Ensure that your condensate drain is flowing freely on a regular basis to prevent this.

What are the most common solutions to your A/C problems?

The solutions you can do yourself include cleaning your filters regularly, checking fuses and circuit breakers when your system fails, reseting your compressor, and adjusting the sensor to its proper position.

However, the No. 1 solution to these problems is to have a qualified HVAC professional install your air conditioning system. A qualified HVAC professional will make sure your system is properly sized and has the proper refrigerant charge. A qualified HVAC company also can maintain your system with annual service.

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