Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

One of the simplest steps you can take to keep your HVAC system in Pineville NC functioning optimally is to monitor your air filter. Each season in which you will be using the system for climate control in your home should be preceded by a basic check of equipment. A fresh air conditioning filter ensures that your unit will function more efficiently, but there are some important tips in selecting an appropriate model.

Measurements Matter

Finding the air conditioning filter for your system requires that you have a few basic measurements. These include the height, width and depth. You can use the current filter to take your measurements, and it’s important to know that fractional measurements can be rounded up. The outer border of your filter can break down a bit over time, causing its measurements after use to be just a bit different than those of a new filter. If you don’t have an existing filter, you can consult your owner’s manual for your system. You can also look for the model and brand information for your unit and contact us at All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating for help in determining the correct filter size.

Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Filter for Your Home

You will find that there are many different filter options available in a typical home improvement department or store. Budget-minded homeowners may opt for the least expensive design that has the correct measurements. Those concerned about air quality and system performance tend to choose more expensive filters. Price isn’t necessarily a good indicator of quality. Rather, examine the MERV numbers to make a good selection. The minimum efficiency reporting value indicates how effective a filter is at removing certain types of particles from circulation in your home. The best choices for residential use include the following rating ranges and related benefits:

  • MERV of 1 to 4 filters pollen, carpet and textile fiber, bug debris and dust mites, and fine dust
  • MERV of 5 to 8 filters mold, cat and dog fur, household and cosmetic sprays, and bug debris
  • MERV of 9 to 12 filters particles from auto emissions, nebulizer spray, various types of dust, and bacteria

These ratings are particularly based on how well larger particles are filtered from circulation. The MERV scale has a maximum rating of 20, but MERV ratings above 12 tend to be most appropriate for health and industrial settings. Selecting a filter with an excessively high rating can be a problem as too much density can render your air conditioning system less efficient by causing a problem with pressure.

Air Quality Concerns

If you feel that your home’s air quality isn’t great in spite of your use of an air conditioning filter with a higher MERV rating, then you can give us a call at All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating to discuss air cleaners, ventilators, and UV lamps. These can provide additional means of dealing with specific contaminants that may affect your health and your system efficiency.

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