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The Best HVAC System for a Multifamily Home

When you need a replacement HVAC system or are installing one for the first time in a new home, do you know what your options are? Choosing your home’s HVAC systems isn’t like picking wall paint. It’s more like choosing a car. There’s a lot of factors to consider. Things like budget, size, brand, centralized vs decentralized and much more. If you’ve never had an HVAC system installed for the first time before, there’s some things you need to consider.

Selecting the best HVAC system for your multifamily home is a decision not to be taken lightly. Your choice will affect your outlay, the energy bills and the comfort of the occupants. To make the best choice, you need to know the determining factors that make an HVAC system ideal for your specific needs. Let’s look at how to decide on the best HVAC system for a multifamily home.

Accounting for Peak Energy Demand

Assessing peak energy demand for a multifamily home is a lot trickier than doing so for a single-family unit. Peak demand depends on usage by many occupants. By calculating it correctly, you can prevent energy bottlenecks and issues with the HVAC system’s operation. To avoid such issues, you should have a knowledgeable HVAC expert to conduct an assessment and do a proper installation.

Ease of Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance is the best preventative measure for keeping breakdown and inefficiency issues from arising. To be able to perform the required maintenance, the HVAC system should be installed in such a way that there is ease of access to the areas that will require a tune-up. A seasoned HVAC specialist will make sure to design the ideal system for this.

Separate Access to Comfort Controls

In a multifamily home, you will need to provide each group of occupants with separate access to the comfort controls that govern their HVAC needs. Again, proper design and installation is the key to seamless access to the thermostat and other aspects of your HVAC system for all parties.

Centralized vs. Decentralized Units

Ultimately, you’ll need to choose between a centralized or decentralized unit. Centralized systems tend to cost more but are preferable for buildings with a larger number of housing units such as high rises. A decentralized system is housed in a location separate from your building and can be ideal for smaller multifamily installations.

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