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Breathe Easy and Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Airborne microorganisms are tiny, but can cause big problems for you and your children and pets. From allergies to asthma and infections, some of these germs and bacteria are actually originating in something you use to keep yourself more comfortable – your AC unit.

Benefits of UV Light Charlotte Harrisburg, North CarolinaMany people claim that their AC unit causes a multitude of illnesses including colds in the summer, increased allergies, mold reactions, and other bodily responses to unnatural coldness. It is true that there is no air like fresh air. But AC makes us comfortable in the hottest months – and shouldn’t there be a way to be comfortable and healthy?

UV lighting in your AC unit effectively kills airborne mold and bacteria. The particles pass through the unit with the UV lights, which kill the dangerous pathogens, so they do not move back into your home and make your family sick. Filters in your AC units catch some of these germs, but not all. If the filter is particularly dirty or ineffective, it can actually become a breeding ground for new colonies of germs.

Although upfront, UV lights cost a couple hundred dollars to install, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

UV lights can save on energy consumption while improving airflow and comfort levels. Although they do not save energy themselves, UV lights improve and restore coil performance, ultimately reducing energy consumption by up to 35 percent. In a year or less, UV lights can save you what you spent on your bills, and as one person is quoted saying: “the cost is far, far less than I pay for health insurance!”