Characteristics of the Best Heating Repair Contractors

In the Greater Charlotte area, we depend upon our heating systems to faithfully get us through the winter. Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified heating repair contractor you can trust.

Certified Technicians

Quality heating system contractors only employ licensed and certified technicians who are qualified to work on all types of heating systems. At All Temp Co., Inc., we have only NATE-certified technicians. They are honest, reliable and highly experienced.

A Stable Company

You will want your heating system contractor to be there with you after your installation, keeping your system maintained and running at full efficiency. All Temp Co., Inc. has been serving the Greater Charlotte area for over 30 years with reliable, quality heating repairs, maintenance, and installations.

Emergency Service Provided 24/7

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a malfunctioning heating in the cold of winter. These units tend to falter at the most inopportune times. Even in North Carolina, it’s important to have access to 24-hour emergency service during the winter. Otherwise, an uncomfortable situation could actually turn unsafe.

A Satisfaction Guarantee

No contractor sets out to do poor work. Without a guarantee, however, there’s no way to hold them accountable if the results aren’t up to par. When a company has a satisfaction guarantee, you know they mean business about getting the job done right.

Available Financing

When you need to purchase a new or replacement heating system, it is recommended to find a heating system contractor that can provide the financing as well. This will make your new heating system more affordable. At All Temp Co., Inc., we provide financing on approved credit as a convenience and aid to our customers.

All Temp Co., Inc. is a full-service heating and air conditioning contractor. We provide furnace and heat pump maintenance, repair and installation. Our crew also excels at air conditioning repair, service, and installation. Call us at All Temp Co., Inc. in Harrisburg, NC, whenever you need heating or air conditioning service.

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