Debunking TikTok’s Top HVAC Myths: What Every Homeowner Should Know Before They DIY

TikTok has led to a surge in tips and hacks shared across various topics, including home maintenance and repair. Not every tip shared is accurate, safe, or effective. Some tips may even damage your HVAC system or void its warranty. 

Here are some “general misconceptions about HVAC that you might want to be wary of – 

Using Bleach in the Drain Line

Some suggest pouring bleach to clean the condensate drain. While bleach can kill algae and mold, it can also corrode and damage your drain pan and drain lines over time.

Covering Your Outdoor Unit with a Tarp

While it might seem like a good idea to protect your unit from weather conditions, doing this can trap moisture, which can cause corrosion and other issues.

Using Duct Tape for Sealing Ducts

Despite the name, duct tape isn’t the best for sealing ducts. It may not hold up under the temperature variations, leading to leaks.

Inserting Scented Sheets/Filters

Placing scented dryer sheets or other scented products in vents to make the home smell good can restrict airflow.

DIY Refrigerant Recharge

Dealing with refrigerants requires expertise. Incorrect handling can be dangerous and can damage your system.

Poking the Frozen Coil with a Sharp Object

If an evaporator coil freezes over, poking it with a sharp object can cause damage.

Bypassing Safety Protocols

Any tips that bypass safety switches or protocols can be hazardous and cause significant damage.

Oversizing a System for Faster Cooling/Heating

A bigger HVAC unit isn’t always better. An oversized unit can lead to frequent on-off cycling, reduced efficiency, and shorter system life.

Not Changing Filters, Only Cleaning Them

Some filters are designed for single use and should be replaced rather than cleaned.

DIY Deep Cleaning without Knowledge

Deep cleaning components like coils without proper knowledge can result in damage.

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