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What Are the Most Efficient Heating Systems?

You’re in the market for a new heating system. The question is: Which type system is most efficient? The choices are many and can be confusing, and if you’re like most folks, heating is one of the largest costs associated with your home. Here are some crucial facts to help make a decision.


Furnaces use either heating elements or combustion of fuel and ductwork to blow heated air throughout the house. There are a number of types of furnace, some fueled by electricity, some by fuel oil, most by natural gas. Their energy efficiency (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is rated and regulated in the United States. The higher rating means the furnace is more efficient. Most high-efficiency furnaces have ratings of at least 90%. A combination of high energy efficiency and low fuel cost often makes the most sense. Natural gas is usually the cheapest fuel to use in a furnace.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump converts cool air into warm air using the refrigeration cycle in reverse to produce warmth inside the house. There are two major types of heat pump. One converts the cool air directly utilizing outside air. This type costs more to run than the geothermal system, which transfers heat from pipes buried underground outside. Heat pumps utilize electricity to run. Heat pumps definitely have the potential to be more efficient than furnaces. They do not burn fossil fuels and are environmentally friendly, but often cost more initially.

Expert Advice

What is the right choice? It’s best to get expert advice on your particular situation. Efficiency is very important, but so are initial cost, climate concerns, and fuel expense. The experts at All Temp can help you make the best decision. All Temp Co. Inc. services the entire Charlotte NC area with the finest heat pumps and furnaces available. Contact All Temp Co. Inc. today for your heating or air conditioning needs!