Electric or Gas Heating in Moorseville NC

When it is time for a new heating system in your Moorseville NC home or business, you will have many decisions to make. One of the major decisions that you will need to consider is whether to install an electric or a gas heating system. Each fuel source has its own advantages and there are many differences between the two. Our experts for heating in Moorseville NC can help you in your decision making and help you make an informed choice.

Gas Heat Options

If your home or building has access to natural gas service, you can choose to install a gas furnace. Gas furnaces offer many benefits, including:

Greater energy efficiency. Gas furnaces outperform electric furnaces and heat pumps when it comes to the efficient use of energy. Depending on the gas versus electric rates from your utility company, a gas furnace could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars less each year for heat.
Cost. Gas furnaces cost less to purchase than an electric furnace or a heat pump. However, if any modifications are needed for ventilation, this can increase your installation cost.

Electric Heat Options

When your home or building lacks natural gas service, electric may be your only option. However, you may want to select an electric heating system even if you do have access to natural gas. When choosing electric, you have two options for heat production. An electric furnace can provide heat, as can a heat pump. A heat pump is a split system that warms the indoor environment in the winter and cools it in the summer, much like a central air conditioner does. Electric systems are ideal for warm climates with mild winters. The advantages of electric heaters include:

  • Lifespan. The average electric furnace lasts for 25 years, compared to about 15 years for a gas furnace. A heat pump usually lasts for around 15 years.
  • Simple installation. Electric furnaces and heat pumps do not require ventilation to the outdoors or access to natural gas lines.
  • Safety. In rare instances, gas furnaces can develop cracks in the ventilation system which allow toxic carbon monoxide gas to seep into the air. This odorless and invisible gas can cause unconsciousness and even death. Electric furnaces and heat pumps do not produce this or any other toxic gases.
  • Noise. In general, electric furnaces and heat pumps make less noise during each heating cycle than a gas furnace.

At All Temp Air Conditioning & Heating, our experienced service technicians enjoy helping our customers make educated decisions about the installation of HVAC products and systems. By offering you our expert advice about electric versus gas HVAC options, we hope to assist you in your journey to improved indoor comfort. We have built a solid reputation throughout the Moorseville NC community for honest advice and punctual, dependable and trustworthy HVAC services. When you need information about your options for heating in Moorseville NC, our team at All Temp Air Conditioning & Heating looks forward to assisting you.

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