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Enjoy the Benefits of Clean A/C Coils – A How-To Guide

Central air conditioners and heat pumps have two coils that perform better when they’re dust-free. In fact, clean A/C coils prevent high energy bills and reduce the work load on the compressor. Dust insulates the coils, slowing the heat transfer process.

Outdoor Condenser

The condensing coil needs periodic cleaning throughout the summer. Removing leaves and other debris from the unit enhances the airflow through it, which helps speed the cooling of the hot refrigerant from your home. The coil may also need to be washed off if you notice dust covering the fins and the coil. Use a gentle spray to avoid damaging the fins, which are easy to bend.

In the event some fins are bent, purchase a fin comb from a home improvement center or hardware store to straighten them. Bent fins retard the airflow to the coil, increasing the amount of time your A/C needs to run. If your lawnmower throws grass clippings on the condenser, you may need to loosen the debris with a soft brush dipped in warm soapy water.

Evaporator Coil

The best way to maintain clean A/C coils in the air handler is to be vigilant about keeping the air filter clean. However, if you or the previous homeowner let this chore slip and you can access the evaporator coil, use care when cleaning it. Canned air can spew the dust throughout the air handler, so it’s best to use the hose for your vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment.

If mold covers the evaporator coil, it’s best to contact a licensed HVAC contractor who can remove it safely. The evaporator coil and pan beneath it foster mold growth, since water condenses on the coil whenever the system runs. Excessive mold buildup hinders the airflow through the coil, slowing the cooling process, and could cause the evaporator coil to freeze, overworking the whole system.

Clean A/C coils improve your cooling efficiency and comfort. If you need assistance with this task, please contact All Temp Co., Inc. We’ve proudly provided HVAC services for the Charlotte and Harrisburg areas for more than 28 years.