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Why is my furnace making so much noise?

Minor operating noises can be expected from just about any make or model of furnace. When noises come about that are out of the ordinary, you may have a furnace problem on your hands. Keep your ears open when your furnace turns on, off, and as it runs to detect any new and troublesome noises, which can indicate you have a furnace problem on your hands.

Warning signs of a failing furnace

Furnace noises can be an early warning sign that your furnace is about to break down. Listen for these noises and contact us if you detect them. All Temp Co. provides expert repairs to restore your furnace function. If it’s necessary to replace your furnace, we will help you select the right new furnace for your home and provide quality installation, so you won’t be left in the cold when your old furnace fails you unexpectedly.

  • Humming: A humming noise which occurs as your furnace operates can be an indication that your furnace motor may die soon, which will leave you without heat.
  • Squealing: If your furnace has not been properly maintained, bearings may not have proper lubrication, which can cause a high-pitched squeal as your furnace runs. Without proper lubrication, these moving parts will wear out much quicker than normal, decreasing the service life of your furnace. Squealing may also indicate a slipped blower belt. If your blower belt has malfunctioned, the furnace blower will not be able to push heated air into your home.
  • Grinding: Grinding can indicate that components of your furnace motor require replacement, such as ball bearings and belts.
  • Clicking: Clicking is normal as a furnace turns on and off, but if it repeatedly occurs as the furnace runs, you should call for professional troubleshooting, as it can indicate can indicate problems with your compressor or control panel.

Troubleshooting a noisy furnace
Noises in furnaces can indicate a number of problems. Or, they can be absolutely ordinary. It’s sometimes tough to tell if you’re not experienced with these mechanical systems. If you have a noisy furnace on your hands, it’s best to call in the pros for expert troubleshooting. All Temp Co. has a team of highly skilled furnace technicians on-hand who can diagnose your furnace noise issues quickly and accurately. Call us at the first sign of new, troublesome furnace noises so we can get to the bottom of your problem and provide skilled repairs before your system is badly damaged.