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Getting an Estimate for Furnace Installation in Kannapolis

When you are in need of a furnace installation service in Kannapolis NC the fall is the time to have it done. Perhaps your equipment needed repairs last winter or it no longer performs as efficiently as you’d like. All Temp Company recommends a fall tune-up to determine if installing a new furnace for the upcoming heating season makes financial sense. When repairs are expensive and a furnace is getting older, it might better to invest in a new heating system.

In-Person Estimate

The best way to get an estimate on the cost of a furnace installation for your Kannapolis NC home or business is to have a service technician come into your home. An All Temp Company service technician will need to take measurements of your home to determine its square footage. This helps the service technician determine the necessary capacity of furnace needed to provide effective heating to your house. Failing to take accurate measurements or taking no measurements at all could lead to you purchasing a furnace with insufficient capacity or a system that is too large. A too-small furnace will not provide enough heat for your interior space, while too large of a furnace will consume an inordinate amount of energy, thereby raising your monthly utility bills.

Partners in Comfort

When All Temp Company provides you with an estimate for furnace installation they will also encourage you to sign up for our Partners in Comfort Agreement. This annual maintenance agreement is a great way to keep your equipment running efficiently for its entire lifecycle. In the event that you need emergency service, you will never pay overtime rates. You also get a great discount on parts and labor that will take a bite out of expensive repairs. But, when you have your equipment professionally serviced twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall, your HVAC system will last longer and need fewer repairs. If you should sell your home, the agreement can be transferred to the new owners in Kannapolis North Carolina.


Maybe the need for a new furnace installation comes as a surprise and the expense is not in your budget. Don’t worry, as an Authorized Carrier Dealer we can arrange financing with approved credit for your new equipment with a Carrier® credit card*. You can apply online and set up convenient monthly payments. As a matter of fact, a new Carrier HVAC system is going to be much more energy-efficient so that the money you save on energy bills will go a long way towards helping with the monthly payment.