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Go Green with a Geo Thermal Heat Pump

Solar energy isn’t just about glass panels perched on rooftops. Around 10 to 20 feet beneath the Earth’s surface, energy generated by the sun heats the soil, maintaining a constant temperature of between 50 and 60 degrees. Geothermal heat pumps tap into that buried energy, moving and concentrating the heat to provide warmth to homes in Harrisburg NC in the winter.

In the summer, the pump’s operation reverses into a cooling system with the ground used as a heat sink. Efficient and economical, geothermal heat pumps are a green alternative to conventional HVAC systems that can deposit some extra green into your bank account too.

How Heat Pump Technology Works

Refrigerants are at the heart of heat pump technology. Like a conventional air conditioner, heat pumps use the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from one place and move it to another. As the refrigerant changes from a hot gas into a cooled liquid and then evaporates back into a gas, it pulls heat from the surrounding air or water. The collected heat is then moved into your home and distributed through ductwork or air handlers. In the summer, ground-source pumps collect household heat and move it outdoors into the air or ground.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions

Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, they don’t burn fossil fuels. Most models come with eco-friendly refrigerants that don’t harm the ozone layer as well. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal heat pumps provide up to four times the amount of energy that they use. A ground-source heat pump is the most energy-efficient heating and cooling solution currently on the market according to the EPA.

As an HVAC system that relies on a renewable resource for its operation, Energy Star ground-source heat pumps qualify for the federal residential renewable energy incentive program. Homeowners who install a geothermal pump can take a credit on their federal tax form equal to as much as 30 percent of the installation costs. Although ground-source pumps are more expensive than air-source heat pumps to install, they typically pay for themselves within 3 to 10 years through lower monthly energy bills.

At All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer an array of energy-efficient heat pumps for homes and businesses in Harrisburg NC. As a leading HVAC provider in the community, we’re pleased to offer products and services that help protect the natural environment. Our HVAC technicians are not only trained to install geothermal heat pumps but to service them as well, ensuring that your green heating and cooling system offers you years of peak performance.