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Heat Pumps Vs. Air Conditioners in Charlotte

People who buy homes in North Carolina often wonder if they should have an air conditioner or the more familiar heat pump. Heat pumps can be a smart choice because though summers in Charlotte can be toasty, the winter months can get pretty chilly and a good heating system is necessary. They should also know that central air conditioning units and heat pumps are basically the same thing. Homeowners will flip a switch to feel cool air turn into warm air. Here’s how it works.

What Is The Difference Between Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners?

An air conditioner cools by moving warm air outside by means of a refrigerated coil, thus leaving cool spaces behind. A heat pump moves warm air inside by means of the same circular flow, passing through a heated element. Both use the air already present, not creating cold or warm air. All Temp offers both and will keep them serviced for your convenience.

New homeowners might think space heaters would do the trick for a few cold days. However, they must balance the heat against the power bill for those few days. All Temp has Carrier heat pumps or air conditioners with a heat coil for you that are much more efficient and cost less to operate.


Size Matters

New North Carolina homeowners or homeowners buying new All Temp heat pumps or air conditioning units should consider a few points before engaging in a costly choice:

  • The size of the house will determine the size of the heat pump or air conditioning unit. Homeowners might buy a unit unable to properly heat or cool, thus not controlling the indoor humidity

  • The size of the home’s lot. Setbacks from neighbors, as well as too little room to properly fit the unit outside the house, would interfere with the operation of the unit

  • Make sure the duct system, if any, in the home is adequate to the task

  • The budget should also be taken into consideration.

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