Home Air Conditioner Replacement in Pineville

As a homeowner in Pineville, NC, you depend in your central air conditioning to provide relief from the summertime heat and humidity. Over many years of hard work, your home’s central air conditioning will begin to lose its efficiency and effectiveness at keeping your home comfortable. It may also begin to need costly repairs as vital components such as the motor or fan need replacement. Before your current older air conditioning system suffers from a complete system breakdown, investing in a professional air conditioner replacement can prevent unnecessary and costly repair bills while avoiding the hassle of a completely broken down system. Our air conditioning and heating technicians are glad to explain the benefits of home air conditioner replacement in Pineville.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Most residential air conditioning systems have a general life expectancy of 10 to 15 years so long as the system has received regular maintenance and prompt repairs when necessary. As the years go by, your air conditioner loses effectiveness at cooling your home simply due to wear and tear. You may notice that one room or area of your home is much hotter than the others, or that the humidity level of your home is higher than you would prefer. The air conditioner may hesitate when starting each cycle or the unit may begin to make strange or loud noises while it works. You might also notice that your utility bills have increased as your air conditioner struggles to do its job.

Reasons to Replace Your Older Air Conditioning System

Today’s air conditioning systems offer energy efficiency that can be up to 30 to 50 percent greater than models that are more than a decade old. The newest air conditioners on the market utilize environmentally friendly coolants, such as Puron or R-410A, instead of Freon. Puron does not cause ozone depletion or add to the problem of global warming like Freon does. New air conditioning systems also offer great features such as constant and consistent airflow, quiet operation and programmable thermostats that make the system simple to control.

Our Air Conditioner Replacement Services

When you are ready to replace your home’s air conditioning system, our team of professional heating and cooling technicians will help you choose the best system for your home and wallet. We carry a wide variety of systems that will suit your needs. Most new air conditioning system installations require just a single visit to your home.

At All Temp Co, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer home air conditioner replacement in Pineville so that you can enjoy a comfortable home environment all year long. By bringing you the best in class products and services for air conditioner replacements, we help ensure that you and your family have a cool home free of excessive humidity levels. We have built a solid reputation throughout the Pineville community for providing on-time, trustworthy, and affordable air conditioner replacement services. No matter what your air conditioner and heating needs might be, our team at All Temp Co, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating looks forward to serving you.

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