How can I save money on energy bills in the winter?

The cost of heating your home in the winter is a large expense, so you may be looking for ways to save some money. Here are the top eight tips that the experts at All Temp Co., Inc. give to homeowners in Harrisburg and the Greater Charlotte area.

1. Use Natural Light

Using natural light is a great way to reduce energy use during wintertime. Even a small amount of indirect light can help raise the temperature in a room. If you prefer to keep your blinds closed during the day, you can open them when the natural light is brightest, such as in the early morning or in the middle of the day.

2. Check for Leaks Around Doors and Windows

One of the primary reasons why homeowners in Harrisburg and the Greater Charlotte area spend too much on energy costs during the winter is that the doors and windows are not sealed properly. You can use caulk or weatherstripping to seal the cracks that allow cold air into your home. Check the weatherstripping on your doors that lead outside and into your garage. If the weatherstripping is dry, cracked, or damaged, replace it. For your windows, apply a thin layer of caulking to seal any cracks or gaps. Be sure to check your attic for air leaks that need to be sealed with caulk and areas that need new insulation.

3. Close Blinds and Curtains at Night

Closing your blinds and curtains at night helps to reduce energy costs during the winter. The glass of the windows cools down at night, and a heat transfer process happens between the cold surface and the interior air. Curtains and blinds minimize the heat exchange process.

4. Install a Zone System

A zone system from All Temp Co., Inc. is an excellent upgrade to your existing HVAC system that helps manage energy costs throughout the year. We recommend the product to homeowners who have areas of the home that are used less often. A zone system works by opening and closing louvers inside the ducts. This setup is preferred over the practice of closing vents in unused rooms because it will not damage your HVAC equipment and ductwork.

5. Keep Temperature Settings Consistent

If changing the thermostat setting throughout the day is a common practice in your Harrisburg household, you should know that this is one of the costliest habits during the winter. When you change the temperature setting, your heating system works harder to reach the desired temperature. Doing this multiple times per day makes those energy bills creep higher. Decide on standard temperatures for the daytime and night when you are sleeping. You may also want to have All Temp Co., Inc. install a programmable thermostat in your home.

6. Use Your Fireplace

Although fireplaces only heat a relatively small space, these home features are well worth using during the wintertime in Harrisburg. You can keep your thermostat at a lower setting for the rest of the house and rely on the warmth of the fireplace in the room where you spend the most time.

7. Service Your Heating System

Some routine maintenance on your heating system does wonders for your utility costs. The goal of routine HVAC maintenance is to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible and identify issues early. In many cases, homeowners can prevent large investments in replacing equipment by taking care of small repairs as needed. All Temp Co., Inc. offers affordable heating system maintenance services for homeowners in Harrisburg and the Greater Charlotte area. Our maintenance services include:

  • Replacing filters
  • Checking for electrical issues
  • Inspecting equipment for worn parts and needed repairs
  • Evaluating ducts for damage
  • Checking thermostats
  • Identifying cost-savings updates and upgrades, such as new thermostats or zone systems
  • Inspecting vents for proper air flow

8. Schedule an Energy Audit

All Temp Co., Inc. offers energy audits and thermal imaging to help homeowners in Harrisburg and the Greater Charlotte area find problem areas in their homes. Our technology helps you to see where cold air is entering your home and increasing your utility costs.

Learn More Tips to Save Money on Energy Costs This Winter

All Temp Co., Inc. offers heating services for homeowners in Harrisburg and the Greater Charlotte area. To learn more tips for saving money this winter, call us to speak with one of our experts and schedule an appointment with a technician. We can also help with all of your installation, maintenance, and repair needs for your entire heating and cooling system. If you have indoor air quality concerns, be sure to ask about our duct cleaning services and indoor air quality products. Our other products include gas logs, carbon monoxide alarms, and ultraviolet lights.


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