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How Do Humidifiers Save Energy in the Winter?

Your winter household conditions can be a little challenging. As you move the thermostat settings up to keep things warm, there’s an accompanying problem with moisture leaving the indoor environment. You have to walk carefully on carpet because of static electricity. Your skin probably bears the brunt of the situation, often getting dry and cracked. If you haven’t considered a humidifier, then you might want to explore the financial benefits along with the comfort issues.

Saving Energy and Money with Humidifiers

The primary way in which humidifiers save energy is in the comfort level provided. As your moisture level improves, the air feels warmer with lower settings. You don’t have to raise the thermostat to a higher setting for the members of your household to feel warm. The result is less work for your furnace or heat pump. An added benefit is less energy usage and lower costs.

There are some different ways to introduce humidity into your home. Some residents choose to humidify furnaces, perfect for combining two systems in one unit. Others choose independent humidifiers that work in tandem with HVAC blowers to infuse moisture into the airstream through the ducts. Humidifiers save energy and money by operating with minimal maintenance requirements while coordinating with home thermostats.

Indoor Air Quality in Cornelius NC

While humidifiers save energy during the winter, the humid climate of our region can produce challenges in summer cooling months. Your air conditioning system can serve as a dehumidifier, but you may find that a dedicated dehumidification system helps with comfort and energy usage during the warmer months. You can also consider a ventilator, perfect for keeping your home’s air circulating. The paper core of a ventilator draws moisture from the incoming air to help control inside conditions.

Humidity during the summer can also lead to problems with mold. Your indoor coils are prone to the buildup of mold, and this can introduce spores into the air stream in the home. It can also limit your airflow, leading to a lower efficiency level. It’s important to clean your coils, but you may also want to consider using a UV lamp to kill bacteria and mold.

A good air filter is also beneficial in keeping your system optimized. Check your filter regularly, and make sure to change a dirty or moldy filter right away. Select a MERV rating of at least five and no more than 12. If you notice evidence of mold, it’s a good idea to have a professional diagnosis of your ducts and system to make sure that you don’t have more serious problems.

Optimize Your System for More Energy Savings

Humidifiers save energy most effectively in optimized HVAC systems. All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating provides residential maintenance agreements for semi-annual service to check basic operations, refrigerant levels, electronic functions and other important aspects of your system. A tune-up eliminates up to 95 percent of HVAC breakdowns and repairs. It also plays an important role in both comfort and costs for winter and summer temperature control.