How Professional A/C Tune-ups Save Money

Many people only give thought to calling an air conditioning professional when things break down. This is a product of short-term thinking because they’re concerned with the cost of the next visit. However, when you look at the entire life of an air conditioner, professional A/C tune-ups end up saving you much more money. Here’s How:

The Three Largest Air Conditioner Expenses

  • The Initial Equipment & Installation
  • Monthly Electric Bill
  • Emergency Repairs

By far, the most expensive part of having an air conditioning system is the initial purchase of the equipment and installation. After that, you spend almost as much on your energy bill to run the air conditioner over the equipment’s full lifetime. Finally, emergency repairs cost you much more than scheduled maintenance over the years. Let’s look at each of these three to see where regular A/C tune-ups save you the most money.

Equipment & Installation

The initial purchase of the equipment is your biggest expense. By taking care of your A/C, you extend the full life cycle. That means you avoid or delay having to purchase an entirely new system due to failure. Likewise, you get the most from the original money you spent. By properly maintaining your equipment, you keep it working for the longest number of years, and that translates into more money you keep in your pocket.

Lower Electric Bill

The second largest expense associated with your air conditioning system is your electric bill. In North Carolina, many people pay more to electricity costs than they paid for the equipment. If you don’t tune-up your air conditioner, then your energy bill slowly creeps up each month. The unit may leak refrigerant, freeze the coils or loose efficiency due to wear and tear. It makes no sense to keep giving more money to the electric company. By paying to service your A/C, you keep your costs lower and your equipment running longer.

Lower Service Call Expenses

While not usually as expensive as equipment and electricity, the money you pay for emergency service calls are typically much higher than scheduled visits. Most air conditioners only need a tune-up twice a year, and you’re guaranteed to pay for service calls if the air conditioner receives no maintenance. Since you’ll have to pay for the service anyway, why not pay the much lower expense of non-emergency service visits? You’ll also catch small problems before they turn into larger expenses later.

All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating

Call on All Temp Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve provided professional A/C tune-ups to Harrisburg, Charlotte, Cornelius NC and surrounding areas for over 28 years. A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our technicians meet the highest standards for expertise and customer service. Plus, we offer discounts on parts and equipment when you schedule preventative maintenance with us. Call us today to learn more about our A/C tune-up specials.

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