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How to Find the Best Furnace for My Home?

There are a few things you must consider before purchasing the best furnace for your home especially if you live in a cold weather climate. If you live in a mild climate like North Carolina, you are not as likely to see extended periods of bitterly cold weather. The three most important factors to look at are as follows:

Size of House Your Heating

By measuring the square footage, you will be heating during the fall and winter months you will be able to determine the correct amount of BTU’s (which is the amount of heat the furnace will put out). If the number of BTUs is not high enough it will not heat your home sufficiently, and if it is too high you will waste fuel and have a higher bill.

Cost to Operate Your Furnace

Furnaces can be fueled by natural gas, oil, and electricity. Obviously, you will want a furnace that will be cost-effective to run. Before deciding on a furnace check the average price of natural gas and oil. Electricity is often more expensive than gas and oil, but it is also the cleanest source of energy.

Electricity is an efficient and clean source but often is more expensive to operate. Gas and oil-fueled furnaces are not as clean as electricity, produce exhaust and reside. Gas and oil also need to be delivered to your home and can be more expensive if the company adds delivery fees.

Efficient Furnaces

A high-efficiency furnace is your best option. You should look at furnaces that do not have a pilot light because even when the heating system is not running the pilot light will be and this is not efficient. For example, a furnace that is operated by gas will generate about 80% of your heat from what is burning which is acceptable to most people. A furnace with a high efficiency is one that burns 90 to 98 % of the fuel for heat, which drastically lowers the heat bill.

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