How to Protect Your Home Against Electrical Fires

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Electrical fires are frightening and have the ability to destroy homes and even claim lives within short periods of time. Fortunately, you can take precautions to ensure better fire safety at home with the help of professionals.

Schedule a Safety Inspection

Even if the lights and appliances in your home appear to be functioning properly, you can’t necessarily know what’s happening behind the walls. Scheduling a safety inspection is a smart way to identify potential hazards and to receive expert guidance on what upgrades your home needs to promote better safety. This idea is particularly wise if the electrical system in your home is old.

Unplug Small Appliances

While you might think it’s a hassle to unplug small appliances when they aren’t in use, this simple move could save your life. Unplug toasters, microwaves, coffee pots, lamps, cellphone chargers, hair styling tools, and other such devices.

Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel helps to keep you safe in the event of a circuit overload. For example, if a circuit is overloaded, the circuit breaker should trip, cutting off the power supply on that circuit. An improperly installed or old breaker box may no longer function correctly. You can also look into modern features such as arc fault circuit interrupters and smart panels. Arc fault circuit interrupters can provide superb protection against electrical fires, and smart panels help to keep you informed on what’s going on with your home’s system.

Ground the House

A lightning storm could also lead to an electrical fire in your home. In an ungrounded house, a lightning strike could destroy both large and small appliances alike. Professionals can check if the house is properly grounded and complete any necessary work to make it so.

Replace Old Outlets and Switches

When the home’s outlets and switches are working well, you might not think there’s any need to replace them. However, even if nothing is plugged into an outlet, the unit can still catch on fire. You should be particularly aware of loose outlets. If plugs are constantly falling out of one of the outlets, this unit needs to be replaced. A qualified electrician can provide you with specific guidance on how frequently to replace your home’s outlets and switches.

Rewire the House

Your home may also be in need of a full rewiring. Whether or not to make this move will depend upon a few factors, such as when the house was initially wired or was most recently rewired and the current state of the home’s electrical system. Scheduling an appointment with one of our team members can help in making this determination.

Watch for Warnings Signs

You can look for certain warning signs to know when it’s time to call an electrician for an inspection. For example, lights that are constantly flickering or frequently blown light bulbs are potential signs of a serious issue with your home’s electrical system. Discoloration on outlets is another sign of a problem. Improperly functioning outlets or switches may also feel warm to the touch. Be aware if your circuit breakers keep tripping as well.

Install a Security System

In the event that an electrical fire does occur, getting emergency services to the house as quickly as possible is important. A home security system with full monitoring can help to protect you and your family. Many homeowners are choosing smart systems these days, too. Even when you’re away from your home, you can monitor the property to see if any issues arise. Being able to monitor the house is particularly important if you have pets or elderly relatives who stay in the house alone when you’re out at work. Make sure to choose a system that quickly contacts the emergency authorities as soon as smoke or fire is detected.

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