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How to Save by Adding a Whole-Home Humidifier

A whole-home humidifier works alongside your heating system. Depending on the configuration, it may add moisture prior to, during, or after the air being heated. The heated and moisturized air is then distributed through your home via the ducts and return registers just as with a conventional system. Perhaps one of the best reasons to buy a whole-home humidifier is that it can lower your energy costs.

A Humidifier Makes You Feel Warmer

All Temp Co., Inc Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, & Electrical offers a wide range of heating services in Harrisburg and throughout the neighboring communities. When winter comes, we often advise our customers that turning up the thermostat isn’t the only way to get warmer. Lowering the humidity makes us feel cooler than the actual temperature, and increasing humidity makes us feel warmer. With a humidifier, you can turn the thermostat down at least several degrees and feel the same as you otherwise would.

A Humidifier Helps Your Heating Run More Efficiently

Your HVAC system strives to maintain a particular humidity as well. The usual target is between 35 and 50 percent. The further your humidity level is below that mark, the more energy is consumed to achieve your target temperature. This is why adding a humidifier can actually reduce your electrical bill on a monthly basis.

A Humidifier Can Extend Equipment Lifespan

When your system is consuming more energy to achieve an ideal temperature, it’s working harder too. This is quantifiable wear and tear, and it’s cumulative. It can lead to additional maintenance and repairs, and it can actually shorten the lifespan of your equipment.

Turn to The Heating Pros

Not only does a humidifier save you money over the long-term, but it also helps with your health. Many people experience reduced allergy symptoms, and it makes it harder for viruses to flourish in your home. If you’d like to learn more about humidifiers, we’d love to help. We also offer a selection of heating and cooling services, including system repair, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a visit.