Keeping a High Efficiency Air Conditioner Running at its Best: 3 Key Tips

Running the air conditioner all summer can lead to increased energy bills, even for homeowners with high-efficiency air conditioners. Purchasing an A/C system with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (or SEER) isn’t the last step in ensuring a high efficiency air conditioner.

Efficiency ratings refer to operation of A/C units in strictly controlled testing conditions, but reality does not match those test conditions and factors like climate and installation can greatly affect the actual operating performance of your unit.

Boost the operating performance of your A/C unit by following these 3 tips:

1. Improve airflow: Air is cooled as it passes over an evaporator unit. If too little air is passing over this unit, the A/C isn’t able to do its job to full capacity. This can be fixed in several ways:

  • Make sure ducts are large enough for the capacity of the A/C.
  • Install adequate grilles.
  • Organize the duct layout to allow easy airflow.
  • Fixing airflow issues can reduce residential cooling cost by an average of 10 percent.

2. Adjust the refrigerant charge: Refrigerant charge refers to the gases that allow the unit to cool warm air. Both having a charge too low or too high can reduce the peak performance of your air conditioner. Proper charge depends on both the external climate and the length of the unit set lines.

3. Tighten ducts: Similar to improving airflow, ducts not only need to be correctly sized, but maintained as well. Not only can ducts reduce the capacity reaching the A/C unit, but leaks can allow unconditioned air to be lost before ever reaching the intended room. Instead of paying to cool attic or crawl spaces, make sure that ducts are tightly sealed from leaks both going to and coming from your A/C unit.

To find out more on how you can get the most out of your high efficiency air conditioner, call All Temp Air Conditioning & Heating, your Charlotte Metro and Harrisburg area experts.

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