Programming Your Thermostat for Energy Efficiency

Thermostats used to come in one shape and one size. Today, the sizes are smaller, the technology smarter, and the programs easier. Honeywell has a new Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that enables programming on the go. It features:

  • Control from anywhere: computer, tablet, smartphone, in the house or across the country
  • Color touchscreen: customizable to fit your mood, favorite color, house theme, etc.
  • Flexible Programming: Different options for residential or businesses
  • Auto Alerts: Extreme temperature alerts and filter change reminders are sent to your device, including an indoor humidity sensor
  • The App: Honeywell’s app is highly rated and backed by their network
  • Locking screen: Password options and locking features offer security
  • 1 year warranty


Ever forget to bump up the temperature a few degrees while no one will be in the house? The ability to change the temperature in your home while at work or on vacation can mean big savings on your bill. A new, smarter thermostat can mean some rewiring for older homes. But the potential for savings is much greater than the small cost and effort. Check out this review of the system

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