Schedule HVAC Repair for Your Matthews Home

Matthews, NC homeowners need to have an HVAC system that works all year long. Needing HVAC repair in an emergency can become a potential disaster. All Temp Co, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating wants to help you avoid an HVAC disaster.

The problem could be that the unit simply stopped working and is causing no damage to the house. It could involve electrical or gas line problems with fire or explosion danger. There could also be water leakage or condensation causing pooling, flooding or mold growth. Mold has the potential to cause many health related problems.

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to avoid needing HVAC repairs. A skilled technician will inspect, tune and maintain the unit before the spring and fall seasons. Any worn parts will be replaced so that the unit will function properly. If a part does not need immediate repair, the owner will be advised and allowed to make a decision whether or not to wait.

Regular maintenance performed by the owner between scheduled visits is the best way to keep the unit running well and avoid needing HVAC repair. This will also help lower the utility bill, as a well-maintained unit uses less energy than a non-maintained one.

The outside condensing unit houses the evaporator coils, fan and refrigerant reservoir. Keep this unit free and clear of plant material and other debris. The pan should be cleared of leaves or twigs to keep the fan from obstruction. Do not lay building materials on the unit. Straighten any bent aluminum fins with a fin comb. In the summer, provide shade to the unit so that the motor can operate at a cooler temperature.

Inside, the blower and evaporator unit needs care as well. A cup of bleach poured into the drain tube and pan will kill any algae or mold growth. Inspect the wires and tubing for any signs of cracking. Cracked wire insulation or tubing needs to be replaced immediately; cracked wire insulation is a fire hazard and cracked tubing could leak refrigerant or water.

Have the ducting system cleaned every year. The buildup of dirt, dust and other debris provides a perfect medium for bacterial and mold growth. A technician will clean the debris from the inside of the ducts and spray it with a sealant that prevents mold and bacterial growth. Leaks in the metal will be repaired so condensation will not form on the building materials in the attic. The HVAC unit will not have to work as hard to keep the house cool. The owner may notice fewer respiratory problems in the household as a result. While this is not part of most companies’ standard maintenance contracts, it is worth the investment.

All Temp Co, Inc., Air Conditioning & Heating provides HVAC repair in Matthews, NC, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They are ready to help you have a cool and comfortable home all year long. Their skilled technicians can help you realize lower utility bills through HVAC maintenance, repair or replacement.

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