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Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier works by decreasing and maintaining a certain level of humidity, or water vapor, in the air. It is essential for preventing the growth of mildew and mold in basements, crawl spaces, and other areas that attract or conserve too much moisture. However, the presence of moisture by itself does not make getting a dehumidifier an absolute necessity.

Here are six tell-tale signs that you may need one.

1. You Have Health Issues

Those people with allergies or asthma or who are prone to respiratory illnesses can benefit from a dehumidifier. Since too much moisture in the air can be a factor in breathing issues, a dehumidifier may help to prevent congestion, making it easier to breathe.

Even too low an amount of humidity, which is the cause of dry air, can be harmful to your health. In winter months, the combination of cold air and heaters causes dry skin, itchy eyes, and respiratory irritation, making you more prone to illnesses such as colds and the flu. It is best to keep your home’s relative humidity to less 60% — ideally between 30% to 50% — according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2. You Live in an Area Prone to Rain and Humidity

Not everyone who experiences high humidity has chronic health issues. Just like getting sick after being outside in the rain or cold for a long period of time, excess moisture in your house can make breathing uncomfortable. Your air will feel stuffy because it is not circulating well, and your sweat will not be able to evaporate due to the lack of cool, fresh air.

You can also become sick over time because of high humidity. Its presence attracts mites. It also promotes the growth of black mold, which irritates the respiratory tract and can be deadly, along with leading to the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you have VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your home, high humidity helps to release them into the air and exposes you to them for prolonged periods of time, potentially leading to health issues.

3. You Deal With a Lot of Water or Heat in the Home

If your house has lasting steam from the usage of water or heat from cooking appliances, then you will have more humidity, especially in that particular room. Hanging up laundry to air-dry inside your home can lead to issues as well.

4. You Live in a Big House

Big homes especially tend to have attics and basements, which are prone to humidity issues. These unfinished areas typically have insulation, and since they are the highest and lowest points of the house, air conditioning does not always reach them.

5. You Want to Save on Energy Bills

Some people who have high humidity in their residences run their air conditioners. It is fine to do sometimes since we all go through periods of hot and humid air. When done frequently, however, it will increase your energy bills. Not only that, but the rooms with the highest humidity levels will not be able to cool down well enough from air conditioning alone.

6. You See Condensation or Decay in Your Home

These are all red flags in which a dehumidifier is needed to prevent further damage and repairs to your house:

  • Condensation on windows or mirrors
  • Condensation on toilet tanks
  • Damp patches or peeling wallpaper
  • Shrinking of wood
  • Rot in flooring
  • Decay in structural parts

Even stale or moldy food can be a sign that you have too much humidity in your home. If your food is going bad too quickly, you will waste food and possibly risk food poisoning.

Choosing a Dehumidifier for Your House

There are whole-home dehumidifiers as well as room dehumidifiers for various-sized spaces. However, not every area in your house needs one. Deciding on the type of dehumidifier you need means taking into account the humidity of your whole property as well as the most humid rooms. If your house has a humidity level of greater than 50%, then you need a whole-home dehumidifier. This can be installed on your HVAC system by one of our professionals at All Temp Co., Inc Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, & Electrical.

A dehumidifier is an important electrical appliance for many properties nowadays. Some reasons for needing them include weather, health issues, and prevention of structural damage to a home. If you need to install a dehumidifier or require maintenance, repair, or replacement of your existing one, turn to the trusted professionals at All Temp Co., Inc Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, & Electrical in Harrisburg. You can also look to us for comprehensive AC and heating efforts as well. as energy audits. Contact us today to keep your home comfortable all year.


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