The Carrier Energy Experts Program for Harrisburg Residents

As a homeowner in Harrisburg, NC, you may be wondering what actions you can take to make your home more energy-efficient and less costly to operate. The Carrier Energy Experts Program is available for Harrisburg, NC residents looking to save money while staying comfortable this summer and throughout the year. From home energy audits to air conditioning maintenance, the Carrier Energy Experts Program ensures an ideal indoor environment at an affordable price.

About the Carrier Energy Experts Program

Launched in March 2012 at the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Indoor Air Expo Conference in Las Vegas, the Carrier Energy Experts Program is a way for heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies to help homeowners improve their whole-house performance and reduce their energy costs. As part of the program, the Carrier Corporation will provide HVAC service companies with the necessary training and education for service technicians who are in people’s homes every day as well as providing consumers with tools and information to keep their homes comfortable and achieve a higher level of energy efficiency.

Home Energy Audits

One of the two main components of the Carrier Energy Experts Program is training and education for HVAC companies to provide home energy audits for consumers. Home energy audits allow the auditors to assess the entire home, from air ducts and vents to the attic and wall insulation to the basement or crawlspace foundation to detect performance problems that waste energy in the home. During the assessment, the auditor makes detailed notes and performs a cost-benefit analysis of making certain changes and how those changes will affect the home’s energy efficiency. The homeowner can then act upon the auditor’s recommendations in order to achieve a greater level of indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and air conditioning system performance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Another important aspect of the Carrier Energy Experts Program for homeowners is to keep the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system well maintained. Air conditioning maintenance keeps the cooling system working at its peak level of efficiency and performance for the most effective cooling. Our service technicians offer air conditioning maintenance as part of our preventive maintenance service packages as well as on-call whenever you need it. We recommend an annual spring or summer tune-up of your entire air conditioning system, which includes a complete system inspection, checking of the coolant level, verification of thermostat settings, cleaning, and lubrication of all moving parts, removal of debris from the condenser and evaporator unit and replacement of the system’s air filter.

At All Temp Co, Inc., we offer air conditioning maintenance, repairs, and installation so that you can enjoy all of the comforts of your home. By scheduling a home energy audit with our Carrier trained energy experts through the Carrier Energy Experts Program, you can achieve the highest possible level of indoor comfort while keeping your utility bills low. For all of your heating and air conditioning needs, our team at All Temp Co, Inc. is here for you.

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