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The Difference Between Old and New Furnaces

At All Temp Co., Inc., our heating technicians can service all makes and models of furnaces, which means we are sometimes working on equipment that is more than a decade old. A new furnace might be an expense, but there have been many money-saving innovations in furnace technology over the past few years. Here are some of the differences between old and new furnaces.

Better Fuel Sources

Some older furnaces heat your home with electricity as the heat source. This will give you a much higher electricity bill than other sources. Most modern furnaces use natural gas as a source of fuel. Natural gas burns efficiently, and it burns cleaner than fuel oil. For even greater efficiency, a geothermal heat pump will draw heat out of the ground and use it to heat your home.

Higher Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, small changes make for big savings. Even if your furnace is only running 20 minutes less per day, that adds up to 10 hours less operation in a month. Using smart technology, furnaces can move air at multiple speeds depending on the demand. In the past, the furnace air handler would only operate at a single speed. When the air handler can operate at several speeds, it means your furnace doesn’t need to work as hard all the time, which saves energy.

Many modern furnaces are also built with dual-stage heating. Most of the time they can run at a low-energy stage. If the furnace is maintaining a set temperature during the daytime hours, it can operate on this less powerful mode. When you are trying to raise the temperature, the furnace can operate at a more powerful setting.

Smaller Size

Older furnaces, especially water boilers, used to take up extra room in the basement. As furnaces have become more efficient, they have also become smaller. Because it can heat water faster, the boiler tank does not need to have a large capacity.

All Temp Co., Inc. is ready to help you with the heating and cooling needs of your Harrisburg home. If your old furnace needs repair, we can get it running again. If you think it is time for a furnace replacement, we can help with the installation of a new high-efficiency model. Give us a call today and trust us with the comfort of your home.