The Importance of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Importance of a carbon monoxide alarmCarbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless, odorless gas that in concentrations can kill very quickly. The body actually absorbs CO very quickly, replacing oxygen in blood cells. As a result, a person exposed can become poisoned quickly, passing out and eventually dying from CO inhalation. Carbon monoxide is resulting by-product from burning, which happens in every home via a furnace or heater system. Normally, a heating system is designed to exhaust CO so that it doesn’t build up inside the home. However, if the heating system has a leak, or is malfunctioning, CO buildups inside a home can occur. This is where carbon monoxide alert systems become critical.

What is a CO Detection Alarm?

A CO detection alarm is designed to be triggered when a sufficient level of carbon monoxide is sensed. It is literally the only way a person will know CO poisoning levels are present aside from realizing the headache and dizziness are also signs. And most people pass out before noticing the physical symptoms for what they are. Thus a CO alarm system in a home can be just as vital and effective at saving lives as a house fire alarm can be. Remember, carbon monoxide can be smelled or seen by the naked eye, so your regular senses no matter how good they are, will pick up a carbon monoxide buildup in a room or home.

Older Systems Can be Higher Risk

Older home heating systems and furnaces, while they may work fine at producing heat reliably, are a higher risk for CO leaks, even small ones. And without a functioning CO alarm on every floor, a homeowner is not going to know or be aware there may be a problem until it is too late. For the small cost of an alarm, a homeowner can easily avoid a tragedy.

The Carbon Monoxide Experts

All Temp Co. is available in Harrisburg and Charlotte to help you check your home for carbon monoxide leaks and provide guidance on how to set up CO detection alarms. Don’t take chances with a preventable situation. Give All Temp Co. a call today and make your home safe to live in.

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