The Importance of Air Purification

Indoor air quality Today, air quality is an important environmental consideration. But did you know that interior air is often more polluted than the air you breathe outside? It may not get the same attention as pollen counts and the air quality index broadcast on the nightly news, but pet dander, pollen, mold and dust spores and even toxic chemicals that circulate through home heating and air conditioning systems can be loaded with pollutants.

Various Ways to Purify the Air

Air quality is influenced by a number of factors: temperature and humidity, dust, fumes, and environmental pollutants among them. If you suspect your home’s air is not as fresh as it should be, it can be enlightening to order a comprehensive air quality audit.

Keep the Air Circulating: Use fans to keep air moving and open windows on clear days to promote interior-exterior air exchange.

Replace Air Conditioning Filters Regularly: Frequent filter replacement not only adds to the efficiency of your unit but also gets rid of the trapped pollutants.

Use a Mechanical Air Purifier: A mechanical air purifier can be an efficient way to remove pet dander, pollen, smoke and cooking odors. They are available in multiple sizes, from desktop units to whole-room purifiers.

Green Plants: Environmentalists, medical professionals and psychologists also point to the benefits of growing plants. They boost emotional well-being, and often improve physical health. Their ability to remove common toxic gases and chemicals from an enclosed space is well documented, and they add oxygen back into the air.

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