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Thinking About an A/C Replacement? Some Reasons You Should Go Ahead

Are you having a hard time deciding whether to go through with that A/C replacement? Here’s a look at what you stand to gain by upgrading your system now.

An A/C Replacement Will Pay You Back

When your equipment reaches retirement—typically after about 12 years of service—or repair costs add up, a replacement is in order. But even if your system still has a few years of life left, you may want to consider upgrading to enjoy these perks:

  • Lower utility bills — New air conditioners must be manufactured with higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings than those on the market even a few years ago. This translates to significant savings.
  • Tax credits — Homeowners who upgrade to energy-efficient HVAC systems in 2013 may be eligible to earn up to $500 in federal tax credits. You can purchase qualifying systems and save big by working with your contractor.
  • Warranty assurance — You’ll enjoy warranty protection by upgrading your equipment. Even if you only replace one component of your split-system A/C with a compatible dry-charged unit, you’ll receive at least some coverage.

A/C Replacements Can Enhance Your Quality of Comfort

When you opt for an air conditioner replacement, you’ll be experiencing all the benefits of fresh, strong air from your system. This is a fresh start and a chance to stay on top of annual maintenance so that this new unit can outlast your previous one. You’ll notice your air quality improve and how much more comfortable you are at home when the weather gets hotter.

  • Enhanced comfort — Today’s cooling systems promote higher home comfort levels. This is accomplished through better and more efficient cooling, improvements to the consistency of the airflow, and better humidity control.
  • Better air quality — When your A/C is better able to handle humidity, your home is at less risk for mold and mildew growth. This can help prevent health problems.

Reliable Cooling and Efficiency

A new cooling system is much more dependable than an older model that’s been through a decade of neglect and general wear and tear. Newer systems are more efficient, rely on less energy to operate, and run into fewer problems when well maintained. You’ll also find that newer models can be more eco-friendly, which is great for the planet and for your wallet!

  • Dependable cooling — Don’t worry about your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of the summer. Purchasing a new air conditioner now offers the peace of mind that your system will operate when you need it.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant — Your current cooling equipment probably uses R-22 refrigerant. Out of environmental concerns, this agent is being phased out in favor of non-ozone depleting R410-A refrigerant.

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