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Use These Home Safety Tips for Peace of Mind When You Travel

Traveling should be a fun and exciting time, but many homeowners come home to find out that something bad happened while they were gone. By utilizing a few simple home safety tips, you can easily avoid an unfortunate situation. Here are some things that we recommend:

  • Set a programmable thermostat — After a relaxing trip, no one wants to come home to a cold house. Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to avoid walking into an icebox by getting it to switch your furnace on before you return.
  • Stop your mail and newspapers — If mail or newspapers pile up, potential thieves will know you’re away from home. Getting these things held until you return will stop this from happening.
  • Ask a neighbor for help — A neighbor can keep an eye on your house just in case something bad occurs, like a burst pipe. Leave a set of keys for an emergency, if possible. Plus, allowing a neighbor to use your driveway is a great idea, too.
  • Hide important items — In case the unthinkable happens and a thief gets inside your home, he or she will go for the stuff out in the open or maybe in a jewelry case. Conceal your most treasured items so they can’t be easily found.
  • Set your lights on timers — To create the illusion that you’re inside your home, set your lights to go off and on at certain times during the evening. Just be aware of your energy use to keep the costs low.
  • Keep your lawn mowed — An unmowed lawn is a great indicator of a homeowner being away, which thieves will notice. If you’re going to be away for an extended time, be sure that someone is going to come by and mow your lawn.

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