Ventilators and Their Purpose

Indoor Air Quality

Most of us have installed an HVAC system in our homes. However, only a few homeowners understand how these systems work to maintain the right temperature in a house. Basically, an HVAC system comprises three elements namely the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system hence the name HVAC.

In simple terms, ventilation is the process of bringing outdoor air into your house, circulating it, and later on expelling it from your home to bring in another fresh air. The primary purpose of ventilation is to offer acceptable standards of indoor air quality by eliminating all the contaminants from your indoor air.

To help us understand what ventilators are, let us examine the three primary functions of your HVAC system and how they work.



The heating component of your HVAC system heats your home during the cold winter months. In most cases, the heating is done through a central heating system. The surrounding air is directed to your unit where a heat pump furnace system warms it before being distributed in your home through ducts.

The cycle repeats until you achieve the temperature set on your thermostat.



The ventilation component of your HVAC system works to maintain the highest possible air quality inside your house. The high indoor air quality is achieved through ventilating air through a series of ducts and ventilators distributed throughout your home and then circulating the air back to your home.

The air that is ventilated can sometimes be exchanged with the outdoor air or circulated from the air within your house.

Most ventilation systems installed in Harrisburg homes work on the forced-air mechanism. They use a central air handler to eliminate impurities and excess moisture from your indoor air.

However, some homeowners use natural systems that utilize the natural flow of air pressure inside the house to cool and maintain desired indoor temperatures.


Air Conditioning

Lastly, the air conditioning component of your HVAC system works by removing excess humidity from your indoor air and then using a refrigeration system to transfer heat from your indoor air to the outside. It is the transfer of heat and effective management of humidity that creates the cooling effect in your house.

This is why most people believe that an air conditioner cools their homes. The AC units are available in varying sizes and designs. However, the two common types of air conditions are the split air system and the ductless system.

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