Weird Noises Your HVAC Might Make and What They Mean

You get home after a long day, ready to relax. You hit the switch on your thermostat only to hear a strange sound emitting from your vents. While any weird noise is cause for alarm, many of the strange sounds you don’t want to hear coming from your HVAC are actually easy to repair.

No one wants to go a single day in Harrisburg, NC, without their AC. If you experience any of these sounds emitting from your system, it could be time for an assessment.

1. Screeching

A high-pitched hiss or screech from your vents may indicate a problem with your AC’s motor bearings. A broken fan motor will only get worse and cause more problems if left untreated. Luckily, it’s able to be replaced quickly and affordably by one of our air conditioner repair technicians.

2. Whistling

Cracked ductwork may cause an air leak, resulting in a whistling sound as it’s pushed through your vents. HVAC systems are
prone to regular wear and tear, and it’s not uncommon for cracks to form over time.

Regular tune-ups can help spot potential damages in the ducts before air leaks occur. In the event that you do get some cracked ductwork, our professionals can help patch it up.

3. Banging

Loud banging that echoes through your vents is often caused by an outside obstruction. Check your exterior areas to make sure that there are no trees, shrubbery or foliage within three feet of the central unit.

In some cases, debris may get caught inside the unit and need to be removed. You should never attempt to inspect or do anything when your AC is on, and you should only let a professional take apart your HVAC system to check inside for damages.

4. Rattling

Loose nuts and screws can cause an HVAC to rattle incessantly. The sound can be as frustrating as it is perplexing. Other possible causes of rattling can be leaves, twigs or other outside debris caught in the fan. It will create a clicking or rattling sound similar to a card stuck in a bicycle’s spokes.

5. Hissing

When ducts crack, air leaks through the openings and creates a sharp hissing sound. Routine AC maintenance can ensure your ducts are all sealed and that your insulation is up to snuff.

Even the best systems are prone to general wear and tear, so regular cleanings and inspections are important in preserving your HVAC’s lifespan.

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