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What are the Benefits of a Ductless AC System?

Ductless cooling and heating systems are a fairly recent innovation in indoor air treatment. In general, the idea is to offer simplicity and efficiency that older methods of moving treated air simply cannot match. With summer on its way, this is a good time to go over the advantages of installing a ductless AC unit in your home or place of business.

More Flexible Installation Options

With all the heavy and unwieldy equipment like heat pumps and central AC motors, it can be really hard to place a traditional AC unit in an optimal way. With ductless, however, you can have the unit installed exactly where you want for maximum effect. Without all the loss-heavy ducting running through your walls, you can focus cool air right where you need it most by having the unit installed in main living areas. What’s more, ductless systems allow you to have full AC benefits in buildings that would ordinarily never have them.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems do not need to push treated air through several yards of dirty, twisting ductwork, and then force it out through a register. Ductless systems only have to drive treated air a few feet. That means there’s less temperature exchange in transit for greatly decreased energy bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

traditional air conditioning depends on heavy indoor and outdoor units that accumulate more dirt, rust, and other pollutants. Dustless systems, on the other hand, require no dusty, dirty ducts blowing contaminated air into your living space. Ductless means less maintenance, and less space for mold and vermin to grow in.

Quick & Easy Installation

Installing old-fashioned systems can mean major renovations, especially if the ductwork needs to be repaired, replaced, or installed. A ductless air conditioning system goes straight through one wall to be piped right where you want treated air to go. The job can be done in an afternoon, and the result is a much more efficient and effective AC system.

More Environmentally Sound

With less mold, maintenance, and power use- you’ll consume less power and do less cleaning. Not only does that mean a smaller carbon footprint, but you’ll also have less cleanup around the house. That means fewer nasty cleaning products to end up in the groundwater.

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