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What is R-22?

R-22, also known as Freon, is a type of refrigerant used in older residential air conditioning (AC) units. Due to environmental concerns, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had taken action to phase out R-22. The refrigerant contains chlorine, which is an ozone-depleting compound. In order to protect the Earth’s ozone layer, the EPA mandated that R-22 no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. A safer alternative, R-410A, is now the new standard for residential ACs.

What is R-410A?

R-410A, also known as Puron is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and does not pose a risk to the ozone layer. Here are a few more benefits of using R-410A:

  • More Efficient Operation – Systems with R-410A use synthetic oil as opposed to mineral oil, which is what R-22 used. Synthetic is more soluble, so the units will be more reliable and operate more smoothly and operate more efficiently.


  • Withstands Greater Pressure – New compressors can withstand high stresses, which will prevent cracking in the new AC systems.


  • Reduced Compressor Damage – The new refrigerant absorbs and releases more heat than the old standard, R-22, reducing the risk of compressor burnout and deterioration over time.


What Will Happen To Old AC Units?

By the year 2020, any old systems that contain R-22 will become obsolete. This means that when it would come time to add refrigerant to the air conditioning unit, you would be out of luck. These older residential AC units will no longer be eligible for AC repair. However, you may be able to convert your old equipment into one that can use a current refrigerant, such as R-410A. If this option does not interest you, then it might be a good idea to be proactive and start thinking about an AC replacement before your system completely breaks down.

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