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5 Reasons to Install a Geothermal Heating Unit

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Harrisburg, Huntersville, Charlotte, North CarolinaGeothermal heating systems utilize Earth’s below-ground energy to heat and cool homes and businesses across Charlotte, North Carolina. These systems are composed of a ground loop component which extracts energy and a heat pump which distributes heated or cooled air throughout your indoor spaces. While there are many heating systems to choose from, here are five strong reasons why you should choose geothermal.

1. Efficient heating and cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling is a clean, green comfort system. It burns no fossil fuels to heat your home, like furnaces do. Its heat pump component consumes very little electricity, and it is highly efficient — about 400 percent efficient, compared to the 78 to 90 percent efficiency you’ll find with a fossil fuel burning furnace.

2. Environmentally-friendly, renewable energy

A geothermal heating system taps into energy stored below Earth’s surface. This energy source is considered to be endless, unlike our limited supply of fossil fuels. When using a geothermal heating system, you’ll be accessing a sustainable fuel supply that won’t have the significant impact that consuming fossil fuels do. These systems do not produce the high levels of carbon emissions that gas burning furnaces and traditional air conditioners do.

3. Annual savings on heating and cooling      

Heat pumps are extremely efficient, using very little electric energy to heat and cool your home. Your electric bill will be reduced significantly, and you can eliminate all fuel usage associated with heating. With a correctly designed and installed geothermal heating unit, you’ll experience less energy loss, helping you save even more. Installing a geothermal heating unit can save you up to 65 percent on your monthly heating and cooling costs; considering that heating and cooling make up approximately half of the average household’s energy consumption, this cost savings is quite significant. When switching to this green heating source, you’ll save a lot of green with lower utility bills.

4. Improved comfort

Installing a geothermal heating unit will improve your comfort all year long. They do not have the temperature fluctuations you may experience when using other types of heating systems which can cause you to feel uncomfortable. The heat pump offers quieter operation than a furnace, so you won’t be bothered.

5. Hot water, too!

A geothermal heating system can help you save energy for water heating in addition to space heating. Depending on the configuration of your geothermal heating system, it can also provide hot water for your home or business, at little to no cost. By using the excess heat from the heating system, a Hot Water Pre-Heater can provide for approximately 50 percent of the hot water needed by the average home or business.