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Should I Be Worried About Carbon Monoxide in My Home?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a topic in the media that many homeowners may not fully understand. However, monitoring for this gas is as important as having a smoke detector. Carbon monoxide poisoning sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year. Hundreds of people die each year and as a result, it’s become an increasing concern for homeowners everywhere.

Unfortunately, many victims of poisoning don’t know from where in their homes the carbon monoxide originates. They also don’t know the health effects of the gas, symptoms of poisoning, or how to keep their families safe. Here are five reasons why having a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

1. Natural Byproduct of Combustion

Whenever you burn fuel, carbon monoxide is created as a byproduct of the combustion process. Take a few minutes to consider the many sources of combustion in your home. This includes natural gas appliances, such as furnaces and hot water heaters, as well as gas and wood fireplaces. Under normal conditions, you can safely use these appliances because they are designed to remove carbon monoxide from your home through chimneys and flues. The problem of carbon monoxide starts when the gas is not properly removed from your home.

2. Invisible Gas

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, so you may have this gas in your home without knowing it. Natural gas leaks are easier to detect because the gas has a distinct odor. This isn’t the case with carbon monoxide. You may leak for hours, days, or even weeks, and not know it. Carbon monoxide detectors are the only way to detect the gas when the levels are low. This is important because if they’re higher, your family may experience the health effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, some of which are subtle enough to be dismissed as allergies and other common ailments.

3. Health Effects

The first signs of elevated carbon monoxide gas in Harrisburg homes are symptoms that are caused by a range of medical conditions. The most common symptoms people have with carbon monoxide poisoning are nausea, chest pain, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, and weakness. Many people feel like they have a mild or moderate case of the flu. Carbon monoxide poisoning is usually the last issue that people consider when experiencing these symptoms. Many people simply rest at home and expose themselves to even more carbon monoxide gas.

4. Life-Threatening

Higher levels of carbon monoxide poisoning cause people to pass out and can be life-threatening. Although anyone can get carbon monoxide poisoning, some people, such as children, the elderly, and those with chronic medical conditions, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, and anemia, are at higher risk. The symptoms may be persistent or occasional, based on any variations in how your HVAC system operates and removes the gas from your home.

5. Easy to Prevent

Fortunately, carbon monoxide poisoning is completely preventable, and this is the best way to keep your family safe. First, you should have your HVAC system inspected at least twice a year by a professional technician from All Temp Co., Inc. We look for any signs of carbon monoxide leaking into the interior walls, attic, and ceilings of your home. If we find problems, we perform the necessary repairs. We will also check the chimneys and flues for proper airflow to safely remove carbon monoxide from your home.
Second, installing a carbon monoxide detector is critical to protecting your family. The detector monitors for low levels of the gas and sounds an alert. Should the detector go off, you should respond just as you would with a fire. Get your family out of the home, and call 911.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Homeowners

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home or want to replace an existing one with a newer model, All Temp Co., Inc. can help. We will recommend the best products to keep your family safe. We also offer a full range of HVAC services, including, repair, and maintenance of heating, and one of our technicians can come by your home, inspect your HVAC equipment, and recommend repairs and products to move carbon monoxide out of your home more efficiently.
Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our indoor air quality products. We look forward to serving all of your home comfort needs.

Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our indoor air quality products. We look forward to serving all of your home comfort needs.


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