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Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most people take indoor air quality for granted. Besides heating and cooling your home, HVAC systems maintain optimal humidity levels. Air duct leaks, dirty filters, and other issues can cause poor indoor air quality. The following are signs that you may have poor indoor air quality.


The contaminants in indoor air often make you feel sick, which might explain why you suffer from allergies. Common pollutants that cause indoor air quality poor include dander, pollen, dust, and pet air. HVAC systems operate by pulling air through the registers and into the ductwork for heating or cooling. Contaminants get trapped or settle in the ducts because of a dirty filter, and they become re-circulated. Poor indoor air quality can be evident when you experience signs like skin rashes, sore throats, coughing, and eye irritation. Long-term exposure to poor indoor air quality can cause severe health issues. Hire professionals to change your air filters regularly.

Reduced HVAC Efficiency

An inefficient HVAC is a telltale sign of poor indoor air quality. A clogged HVAC unit cannot function efficiently because the motor has to work harder to pull an adequate amount of air through the clogged filter. This causes wasted energy and higher bills. Therefore, it is essential to prevent the accumulation of these components to keep your system running efficiently. Ensure that you schedule regular duct cleaning with the experts to maintain a clean system.

Odors Without Explanation

If you notice odors in rooms without an explanation, it could indicate contaminated indoor air. Accumulation of humidity and dirty air filters are common causes of odors indoors, either in specific areas or in the entire house. Odors originating from air vents are an indication of dirty air ducts or filters. These issues affect indoor air quality because HVAC units spread the contaminants.

Dust Accumulation on Surfaces

Most air pollutants are heavier than air; therefore, they remain suspended inside your home for a long time. The air quality in your house is poor if you notice dust buildup on surfaces, such as tables, cabinets, or windows. The accumulation of dust results from poor indoor air quality, common in areas with higher airflow. You will notice dust more often than before. That is a sign that you need a professional to check on your HVAC system and its filters to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Excess Humidity

Humidity occurs throughout much of the year in Harrisburg. However, the air conditioning system helps to control and maintain indoor moisture levels. However, the levels are likely to increase when there is an inefficiency, which is why you might have noticed excess humidity inside your house. Excessive moisture can negatively affect electronics, wood furniture, and flooring.

Air Circulation Problems

Low airflow from leaks and vents in the ductwork cause an increase in airborne contaminants indoors and throw off humidity levels. Air circulation problems are a telltale sign of poor indoor air quality caused when air fails to circulate through the HVAC system, meaning that it doesn’t get filtered. Air that gets into the ducts through a leak doesn’t enter the furnace filter; thus, it never gets purified. A faulty blower fan or incorrect fan speed setting causes poor airflow, which, in turn, affects indoor air quality. You might need to hire a technician to correct the airflow problem and get rid of its impact on your comfort and air quality.

Frequent Colds or Flu-lilke Symptoms

If you have been experiencing frequent or unending flu and cold symptoms, you could be suffering from poor indoor air quality issues. Frequent colds and flu-like symptoms are common reactions to poor indoor air quality. If you are experiencing these issues, it would be wise to address the problem as soon as possible. Think of cleaning your indoor air by talking to an HVAC expert about possible solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Fatigue and Dizziness

Gaseous and chemical air contaminants like carbon monoxide or fumes affect your cognitive functions. Some of the telltale symptoms that these air pollutants cause are dizziness, sleepiness, or fatigue. If you notice these signs suddenly, you could be facing an issue with your indoor air quality. You need to leave your home and hire a professional to inspect possible causes like a gas leak or high levels of carbon monoxide.

Rely on the Pros

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