Benefits of Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal heating has many benefits for your home beyond simply saving money each month. There are economic advantages that come with a geothermal system, but those are accompanied by better durability and lower maintenance obligations. Here are seven ways that installing a geothermal heating system can help your home and the world around you.

1. Geothermal Heating Will Cut Your Power Bill

You won’t even have to wait to see the benefits of geothermal heating. Once you install your system, you’ll experience the positives the very first time you get a bill from the utility company. Your electric savings from geothermal can reach as high as 70% of your monthly bill. The reason for this is that the geothermal system takes heat from the ground as opposed to using motors and machines to warm the air and distribute it through your house.

2. It Helps the Environment

Anything that cuts your power usage is a good thing for the environment. It means that less carbon emissions are necessary to produce the power that it takes to heat your home. This is a way for you to do your part to help improve the environment. In addition, you’ll require fewer lubricants and other things that would be necessary to help an HVAC operate. All you’ll need is a small part of the power that you previously used. It will be employed to operate the pump that exchanges the air.

3. Less Maintenance Is Required

A geothermal system consists of an indoor heat pump and closed underground pipes that exchange the heat with the earth. There are not many parts in a geothermal system that can break. Moreover, the system is not exposed to the outdoor elements, so it will not take a beating in the winter. Having fewer breakable parts also means that there will be less ongoing maintenance necessary. Lower maintenance expenditures will further reduce your cost of owning the system.

4. It Can Be Tailored to Your Space

Believe it or not, geothermal systems are very versatile. The installers can either put the system deep into the ground or install a longer system at a shallower depth. This means that geothermal is suitable for both large and small homes. You can even install a system for a commercial space.

5. The Government Gives You Money to Install Geothermal

The government tries to encourage you to rely on renewable energy because it helps the environment. This encouragement comes via tax credits when you install geothermal heating. These tax credits are even better than deductions because they are applied below the line. This means that the credits reduce your actual taxes as opposed to cutting your taxable income. You can use the savings to help pay for the costs of installing geothermal heating. The tax credit also allows you to claim a certain percentage of the amount that you spend on the system.

6. Geothermal Increases the Value of Your Home

A geothermal system is a permanent improvement to your home. Because the installation will continue to cut the power bills of future owners, the benefits of the system will persist even after you sell your home. With lower electric bills on the horizon, prospective buyers will be willing to pay more for your house. While the value of your home may not go up on a dollar-for-dollar basis to match what you spend on a geothermal system, you will recoup much of the investment when you sell your property. With geothermal heating, you are using an entirely renewable resource from the earth. The supply is infinite, and very few carbon emissions are utilized to access it.

7. The System Lasts Longer

HVAC systems need to be replaced from time to time. In fact, the average lifespan of an HVAC system is between 10 and 20 years. Geothermal systems will last much longer. In part, this is because there are fewer components that could break. The indoor pump of your geothermal system will last for an average of 25 years. The underground loop components will last even longer, functioning for an average of 50 years before some parts would need to be replaced.

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